Mission & Vision

Today’s hustle and bustle city life induces a stressful and tense environment around us. This then is passed around to our loved and dear ones. This is where Fun n City comes in. We provide you an alternative for a fun and eventful getaway for you and your family with a never before twist. We provide a relaxing environment where people can feel at one with nature and breathe in fresh long breaths of pure air away from the jostle that is city life. Easily accessible for people in and around Patna so you don’t miss out on the fun and good times.

Fun n City aims to redefine a way of quality family time. This can be achieved by redefining fine and luxurious living and combining them with fun activities in Belmonte Falls and mouth salivating delicacies at our around the clock restaurant. Our goal is to offer a quality getaway in Bihar, somewhere close to the capital city of Patna for easy conveyance of people coming from outstations or in the state. We aspire to become synonymous with the words like retreat and getaway for people living in Bihar or visiting.