• Please make advance reservations via telephone or book online to ensure room availability.
  • Advance in Cash or deposit /online Payment is mandatory to obtain the confirmed reservation. Please read the cancellation policy before obtaining the confirmed reservation.
  • Rates displayed online are not guaranteed until the confirmation voucher is generated. The rates are generally dynamic in nature. Once a rate is selected and a transaction is executed by you, no other rate is applicable either higher or lower and no refund is admissible.
  • The estimated cost for stay includes the confirmed room rate, the estimated taxes, and estimated fees.
  • The actual taxes, fees and cess prevalent at the time of stay shall be applicable, which may vary from the estimates and you are liable to pay any extra cost on account of such amendments in taxes, fees, cess etc.
  • Currency conversions are estimates and are provided as information only. The bill on check out for stay shall be charged in the hotel’s local currency.
  • We reserve the right to modify or cancel the reservation if it appears, at sole discretion of the hotel, that a guest is engaged in fraudulent, illegal or other inappropriate activity or the reservation is obtained fraudulently or with malafide intention or mistake or error.
  • On check in to the hotel, please present the hotel reservation confirmation voucher along with valid photo ID or Passport, Photo PAN Card, Election Identity Card, Photo driving license, or any photo ID card issued by Central/ State government and a valid credit card for any incidental and/ or extra charges.
  • All promotion/sale rates are restrictive fares and are non-refundable. Certain promotion/sale Rates do not permit any changes in the hotel booking. Please check restrictions on the rate while booking. Under all promotion(s)/sale rates, limited inventory is available on select Room type(s) only on a first come first served basis. Fun n City Resorts reserves the right to withdraw and/or amend the promotion/sale without any prior notice.
  • All extra services & amenities not part of this offer will be available at an additional charge only.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other offer/promotion or benefit(s) available through any loyalty program run by Fun n City Hotels or any third party.
  • In case of non-availability of a pre-booked room at the time of arrival, the hotel will offer an alternate similar standard hotel/ in a similar room type, at its discretion and without any further liability.
  • Rates may change without notice and may vary for special events except for confirmed reservation against the advance payment.
  • All rates are subject to prevailing local taxes as applicable on room tariff & services opted.
  • Normal occupancy permits a maximum of two people per room. Additional person (if room size permits) is charged extra as per the prevalent rate of the Hotel.
  • The deposit / online payment to be paid in advance equivalent to total room nights booked for the entire stay to get the confirmed reservation.
  • We accept deposits only against the Maestro, Visa and MasterCard. For any alternate mode of payment, please contact the Hotel’s reservations concierge.
  • Corporate reservations need to be secured by a company credit card. For any alternate mode of payment, please contact the Hotel’s Reservation.
  • Group bookings of four or more rooms require cancellation notice to refund the deposit as specified in cancellation & early checkout policy.
  • In case your plans change, ensure to inform in writing the cancellation/ amendments in plan to the Hotel Reservation for a refund of your deposit. The guidelines in this regards as under:-
  • The modification/cancellation request for bookings made online will be processed automatically through the Internet Booking Engine. Any refund due shall be done through the system in accordance with the applicable modification/cancellation rules. In case of rebooking, a rate difference may be payable for the change as per the rate applicable for the rebooked date/ room type and subject to availability.
  • Any additional charges or rate difference for the modified reservation can be paid through the same payment mode/card as used for original reservation.
  • Please note that if an online booking is modified or cancelled with the hotel’s reservations Office/ Hotel’s sales office, it cannot be further modified or cancelled online.
  • The refund of the reservation done by the Travel Agent will be processed by the issuing Travel Agent only and no refund admissible online.
  • In the event of cancellation of non-cancellable booking (s), the client shall not be refunded the amount paid towards making the reservation(s).
  • Certain room rates & types have restrictions and are without benefits. In case you do not wish to opt for restricted rates & types, you can book the room(s) available on without benefits / restrictions.
  • In case of early checkout, you are liable to pay for the entire confirmed reservation. If not sure of the policy, contact the hotel reception or concierge for clarification.
  • Please note for reservation of more than one room in that case all rooms are determined as “reserved nights”. For example, two (2) rooms reserved for four (4) nights would be (8) reserved nights, hence to such (8) reserved nights, the applicable cancellation period is 72 hours.

The cancellation applicable as under: –

Reserved Room Nights(No.)Cancellation Period prior to arrival
4 days48 hours
4-9 days72 hours
9 days and above7 days
  • On cancellation of refundable booking the refund processing will take time between two(2) to four(4) weeks to show the refund back on your credit card statement. Reasons for the specified processing time are based on the billing cycle of your credit card company and processing time of the bank. The refund depends on numerous factors such as the hotel’s cancellation policy, time of cancellation and processing fees etc. For more details refer to the cancellation policy mentioned above.
  • In case the reservation is not confirmed, we will not charge you anything on your credit card and release the whole amount if any that was held on it immediately. Now after we do this, it will still take two(2) to four(4) weeks for the bank to process the refund and to show the refunded amount on your credit card.
  • Normal check in time is 12:00 PM. For late arrivals, please call our hotel concierge or the reception for instructions on the procedure for arrival after 6 PM.
  • Check-out is at 12 Noon.
  • Early check-in and check-out is available by prior arrangement only i.e. subject to availability and prior intimation & confirmation only.
  • Any modification in the reservation is subject to availability at the time of making such a request.
  • Children (up to 5 years) can stay free of charge with parents without an extra bed.
  • Children between 5 years to 12 years of age will be charged extra.
  • Children above 12 years of age will be treated as young adults and the prevalent reservation charges will be applicable and levied.
  • If you fail to arrive at the hotel on the arrival date the entire reservation will be cancelled automatically by the hotels and will be charged for the entire reservation.
  • If you fail to check in on the first date but still continue your travel plan to stay at the hotel, please, urgently, contact us to keep the room for you for the rest of the nights. Otherwise as mentioned above, the entire reservation will be auto-cancelled and no refund admissible.
  • Shortened stay is subject to the entire period charge whether or not you stay the entire period. If you know the change in your plan, please contact us at the earliest to minimize the charge by the hotel subject to cancellation policy.
  • Please note that Hotel neither guarantees nor liable to admit any request for amendment in plan or any other special requests which shall be admissible subject to availability on arrival.
  • The request for airport pick-up requires intimation to the reservation at the time of the room(s) booking.
  • The reservation once confirmed, a confirmation number and the voucher is generated that you can print for your convenience.
  • It is necessary to present the confirmation voucher to the hotel on arrival. Failure to produce the confirmation voucher may result in the hotel not honoring your reservation unless the hotel is able to trace & match the excess in the reservation system.
  • It is important to know that whenever you provide the personal details or credit card information, it is secured. Your credit card number, name, address, and telephone number are protected by the latest security technology.
Dress Code–
    • What’s allowed:The appropriate outfits for our water rides are T-shirts, shorts, bermudas, three-fourths, swimsuits. The permitted clothing materials are made of 100% nylon or synthetic material.
    • What’s not allowed: Clothes that put you at risk! The following types of outfits can put your health and safety at risk and are prohibited for water rides. Sarees, salwar, dupatta, formal pants, shirts, burkhas, shawls, scarves, school uniforms, jeans, three-fourths, cargoes, loose garments and anything other than the aforementioned list of permitted outfits.
    • No Inappropriate clothing or Nudity: In keeping with a family-friendly environment, the Park prohibits clothing that would tend to be offensive and/or too revealing of one’s body.
Safety 1st!


Safety is always #1 at the Belmonte Falls.  Our goal is to accommodate all guests to enable them to fully enjoy our Park.

Park Safety Standards – Please understand that people may be excluded or removed from certain rides, attractions, areas of the park, and/or certain activities, in the interests of safety as determined by Park personnel.

This may include, but is not limited to, concerns with sight-disabled people who need adequate eyesight to safely engage in an activity, height and weight restrictions, mobility and/or use and existence of all limbs in a stable and coordinated manner, a clear and alert mind which is unaffected by mental disability or other hindrance, being under the influence of any substances (whether legal or illegal, drugs or medications, alcohol, or any other chemicals and substances), signs of heat illness, any loose headwear or clothing or apparel which may damage property or pose a hazard to a guest or others, and whether or not a person may appear to be ill or injured or otherwise unable to safely participate.

For Your Safety:

  • Pay Attention. Please watch where you are going. Belmonte Falls is mostly crowded with many distractions, elevations in surfaces, landscaping, tree roots, rocks, man-made structures, patron possessions left lying around the premises or in pathways, etc; this is the open, obvious and inherent nature of an amusement or water park environment. As such, the park disclaims all liability, and shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever, for any trip, slip, and/or fall you and/or any minor(s) in your care may suffer, Nor for ANY INJURIES CAUSED FROM walking OR STUMBLING into objects or structures, OR FALLING OVER OBJECTS OR STRUCTURES. By entering the park, you automatically agree to this waiver of all such liability.
  • No Running it poses a collision, trip, slip and fall hazard.
  • Slippery Surfaces Surfaces may be slippery or wet—especially in bathrooms, on and around any water attractions, and in cafes or food areas.
  • Dress for Safety No loose/oversized/baggy clothing or accessories which are not thoroughly secured to your person, or any carried items, on any ride or attraction which may pose a hazard. Prohibited items may include, without limitation, any form of headwear, scarves, long belts, fringed materials, high heels, loose footwear, wigs, purses, backpacks, or any dangling fabric. If you choose to wear unstable, loose or ill-fitting shoes to the park(e.g., high heels, flip-flops, clogs, loose sandals or Crocs or slip-ons, etc.), realize that you are creating a hazard for yourself in a crowded park, and you may not be able to partake in certain attractions. We urge you to wear secure, comfortable footwear.
  • No Monkeying Around. No climbing on or hanging from any structures, trees, lamp posts, wiring, door frames, rain gutters, etc. We are a water park, not a jungle gym!
  • Be Seated – Carefully. Benches and chairs are for sitting only—not jumping on or over, nor standing on. If you are obese, or especially large and heavy, proceed with caution when sitting, and check the chair/bench’s stability. Multiple persons should never share the same single-person chair.
  • No “Sitting on the Fence” … Literally. Fences, railings and banisters should never be leaned on, sat upon, stood upon, twirled on, or jumped/vaulted over. Doing so causes damage to Park property and people may get injured.
  • See all Safety, Hear all Safety, Speak all Safety READ AND ABIDE BY ALL SAFETY SIGNAGE, ATTENDANT INSTRUCTIONS, AND RECORDED WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. If you have questions, PLEASE ASK an attendant. If you see something unsafe, PLEASE TELL an attendant.
Guests with Disabilities

Welcome! Our goal is to accommodate our guests with disabilities to the fullest extent possible and in compliance with the law. Most of our attractions and restaurants are accessible to guests with disabilities, including, among others, those using wheelchairs.

If you (or someone you are responsible for) have a particular disability or special need, we encourage you to contact the Park and speak with a guest service associate at least 48 hours in advance of your visit to better assist us in preparing for your visit. If you have a group of disabled persons, a week’s advance notice would greatly help us to better serve you.

NOTE that the Park does NOT provide medicine, insulin, Epi pens or oxygen tanks, or other medical treatments or devices, other than basic first aid; please plan your visit accordingly.


Weather is unpredictable, and can pose certain health and safety hazards. For example, if you are sensitive to heat, you should consider not visiting the Park on a hot day, stay hydrated, and/or limit your time outside. Or, if you have poor mobility or stability, it might be better for you not to come on a wet day where things might be more slippery. Only you can make informed decisions about weather forecasts and whether or not any given day would be appropriate for a Park visit.

  • Wet weather (including mist, humidity, rainstorms, flooding, etc.) makes surfaces slippery. On wet days, please exercise extra-caution when moving about the Park, going up or down stairs (hold handrails), entering or exiting rides, using bathrooms, etc. Do not step directly into streaming or puddled water, since it may carry mud or other debris, posing a slip hazard.
  • Storms (wind, rain, lighting, hail, etc.) tend to result in people scrambling for shelter, including in buildings or racing to get back to their car. People running in stormy weather pose a slip/trip/fall hazard for themselves and others. People may be darting through parking lots, or around corners. Please proceed in an orderly and controlled fashion when seeking shelter from weather situations.
  • In certain severe weather situations, the Park may shut down, and direct people to certain areas, or direct people to leave the Park altogether. Please make sure to obey all Park instructions, if any are given.
  • Hot weather poses a risk of sunburn and heat illness. People may not realize how much they are being impacted by hot weather until they develop heat illness.
Some guidelines for heat:
  • Always stay hydrated with water. Alcohol, overeating, and/or eating/drinking large amounts of sugar, are not advised.
  • Use sunscreen on all exposed areas of your body. Reapply frequently. If you have been in the sun for prolonged periods, or if it is especially hot and/or humid, take breaks as needed from your activities, and relax in a shaded or indoor area to allow your body to cool off. Drink water to hydrate.
  • Heat Exhaustion: Look for the warning signs of heat exhaustion, which include fatigue, nausea, headaches, weakness, slowed or weakened heartbeat, clammy skin and drenching sweat (often while feeling cool or cold), fainting or dizziness, excessive thirst, confusion or anxiety. Although heat exhaustion is generally not fatal, it can be—so you must take this issue seriously and take remedial measures by getting to a cool place and sipping water. Park staff should be alerted to any heat illness issue you or a person in your group may be suffering from; we are here to assist you.
  • Warning – Heat Stroke: Heat stroke can be fatal! It is the advanced form of heat-related illness, which can occur suddenly, particularly in extremely hot weather. If you or someone in your group experiences symptoms of heat stroke, GET IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION by alerting our staff and/or calling 1-0-2. Symptoms include mental confusion/delirium, loss of consciousness, very rapid or dramatically slowed heartbeat, rapid rise in body temperature, drenching sweats that turn into a marked decrease in sweating accompanied by hot/flushed skin, shortness of breath, blood in urine, and/or convulsions.


Children – Notice to Parents & Guardians

Children under 13 years of age may NOT be at the Park without adult supervision. Regardless, we strongly recommend that minors (under 18) be accompanied by an adult.

The Park does not assume any responsibility or liability for unattended minors; children and the behavior of all minors are the sole responsibility of their parent(s) or guardian(s), and parents/guardians may be held legally liable for all acts of the children under their care. Please make sure that minors act responsibly, and in consideration of others, at all times.

Rules and regulations
  • An advance of 50% must be paid for booking of the event venue and the balance amount needs to be paid at least 10 days prior to the event function date. Any extra charges need to be paid by the end of the function by cash/card only
  • Waiter served starters circulate for two hours only. For lunch session from 12:00 noon to 02:00 PM & for dinner session 07:00 PM to 11:00 PM only
  • Increment of the expected pax for the function will be charged for 10% extra from the decided package rate
  • Increment of expected pax is only allowed for up to 10% of the booked pax
  • Finalization of the menu needs to be done at least 7 days prior to the event function date
  • For the daytime conference & meeting, breakfast timing will be from 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (if included)
  • Outside food is strictly banned inside the resort premises
  • Buffet items and fooding is not allowed to be taken out of the banquet
  • LCD Projector, Laptop, Audio visual etc will be charged extra from the package
  • Preparation of food based on regional taste also available on the request
  • For daytime conference/ social events functions, lunch timing is is from 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM and dinner timing is from 07:00 PM to 11:00 PM, for extension of time, customer will be charged at an additional cost of ₹10000/hour thereafter
  • Off campus vendors for any events are strictly prohibited
  • For functions in the banquet or lawn, the food will only be provided on buffet service
  • Late night tea/coffee will be served only at marriage functions or at prior behest, at the service counter only
  • Time limitations for musical events will be as per the event dated Govt. rules (uptil 10:00 PM)
  • Playing dhol or similar instruments & lighting fire crackers inside the hotel premises is not allowed as it inconveniences the other guests
  • Hotel authority will not be responsible for any valuable belongings
  • Charges will be applicable on the minimum guaranteed(booked) pax or actual count, whichever is higher
  • Clearance certificate & permission will be required for all musical events from the Govt. administration prior to any event functions (PPL & IPRS License charges extra as applicable)
  • Any changes herewith needs to be discussed with the booking manager beforehand
  • Any disputes are subject to Patna Jurisdiction only
Cancellation Policy 
  • 90 days prior to the event function, ₹15,000/- will be deducted from advance paid
  • 60 days prior to the event function, ₹25,000/- will be deducted from advance paid.
  • 30 days prior to the event function, ₹50,000/- will be deducted from advance paid.
  • 15 days prior to the event function, 50% of the booking amount against minimum guaranteed pax will be deducted.
  • 07 Days prior to the event function, no cancellation or refund policy.